I would like to apply conditional formatting to a sheet, however, cant figure out the right formula.

The formatting would only apply to BLANK cells in columns S to AT based on text in in column I.

so if I1 = "live", any BLANK cells in rows S to AT need to be highlighted in yellow to draw attention. This needs to be applied to the whole sheet which is about 1000 rows

  • S to AT are columns not rows. You refer to them as rows in the 3rd paragraph – Forward Ed Jan 31 '19 at 13:03

Start by selection S1 and chosing to create a new Consitional Formatting rule then chose to base it on a formula. The formula you want is


This works by always looking in Column I for "live" and then looking to see if S1 is blank. By having S1 without any $ symbols is is fully dynamic, whilst the reference to column I is static for the column but dynamic for the row.

You can then set your formatting choices before applying setting to rule to apply to the entire area required.

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