I'm looking for consumer router / firmware recommendations with reasonably robust remote URL / hostname logging & reporting functionality.

Most logging functionality I've seen is terrible - reporting only IP addresses, not rolling up reports or reporting any useful statistics. The logs are also often limited to merely the last few minutes/hours when handling high-traffic loads.

Bonus points for providing a screenshot of the log reporting interface!

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You can use several different routers with the DD-WRT router firmware (List of supported devices here. For examples of some of the logging options you have, check out this wiki article. It does include a screenshot, but the data actually is stored in a mysql database on your PC, so I think the time that you can log will be pretty large, depending on how much space you are willing to sacrifice.

You can have your DD-WRT router send traffic information to a PC on your network and then store the information in a MySQL database that you can search. This can tell you a lot about the traffic on your network.

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It seems to me that you need the right tool, not the right router. If your router supports SNMP you can use any one of a bazillion tools to poll it. I like PRTG myself.

  • It seems, for using SNMP monitoring tools, one needs a server and software installed on every device. Some tools (e.g., Kaseya) are agentless (no need for software on the monitored devices), but it seems it would still need a server (a computer running 24/7) to actually do the job of monitoring. Honestly, a capable router to me looks like a more attractive solution.
    – ZygD
    Jan 9, 2021 at 11:31

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