So, I've been using my SD card as internal storage in my android phone. My phone broke and I had to factory reset it. Of course the issue with the SD card is that I am not able to access any files that existed there, anymore. Mainly I care about pictures.

What I did in order to fix this is first of all connect the SD directly to my PC and use various recovery software (testdisk, ZAR, remo recover etc) and none could read anything on the SD card.

The only software that manages to read stuff on it is called Stellar Photo Recovery. Found 13GB and recovered them, but the result is .ppm files that ALL have the same size! Check the pictures below for more info.

Of course the recovered .ppm files cannot be opened by any software and I am here then in order to ask for advice.

Stellar photo recovery

recovered files

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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    You have recovered encoded images, not the actual images themselves, it does not appear you will be successful in your attempts to recover your images. – Ramhound Feb 2 at 18:50

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