I have a 1T USB external drive, and I would like a persistent Linux Mint installation. It was made with UUI from a fresh Linux Mint 64-bit ISO, and I reformatted the disk and started over to get things clean after previously running out of disk space (on a disk that has non-Linux-Mint data stored on it), installing Mint via Universal USB Installer, and allocated about 300G for persistent storage.

I'm getting inconsistent results across rebooting.

I am able to install xscreensaver-* packages with aptitude, but they vanish upon a reboot. At one point, they vanished imperfectly; instead of "i" or "p" in aptitude search results, they gave both letters before subsequent whitespace, suggesting that they had not been saved as intended, but something in persistent storage had not lost track.

So a couple of questions:

First of all, what (besides following my nose) should I do to get a live USB drive with an ISO to persist changes that include software changes?

Second of all, have I tripped things up? Is there e.g. a limit on persistent store that will be handled correctly? Do I need to just retry, perhaps with a lower amount of persistent storage? Or does persistent storage apply to things in ~mint but not /usr/bin?


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