i have a nec lcd22wv screen that i have had connected to my computer for a long time. I used the screen resolution 1600x1200 and today i disconnected the screen to connect the screen to another computer and then i connected it back to my main computer again. After that something happend, the screen got very small and i went to the settings to change back to 1600x1200 but that option was no longer avalible, i thought maybe i just need to restart the PC but that did not work. So i thought maybe the drivers for screen or GPU got messed up somehow, so i tried updating the drivers for the screen but it just gave me a message that i already have the latest drivers and then i tried to update drivers for my GPU and it found a driver and it downloaded and updated to this new driver. After this i checked if my normal screen resolution was back but nope, it was still not avalible. So i restarted PC again and checked and still not avalible. So i downloaded GeForce Experience and there i found another driver so i tried to update my current driver once again and it still does not give me the option to change back to 1600x1200 resolution. I feel that i have tried everything... I even went in to the Nvidia Control Panel to see if the option was avalible there but it was not avalible there either. I can hardly read the text on the browser anymore because of this bad screen resolution. Please help me as soon as possible. The biggest avalible screen resolution option right now is only 1280x1024

Edit: I found another thread here that explained that i can make a custom screen resolution in Nvidia Control Panel and i tried that but it just tells me that it does not work with that resolution, so that did not really solve my problem either

Additional Information

Screen: NEC LCD22wv

GPU: Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

Cable: VGA with adapter to Display Port so one end is VGA and the other end that is connection to computer is Display Port

Operative System: Windows 10 Pro

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