I have a partition on my system drive that appears in Computer ManagementStorageDisk Management, but not under This PCDevices and Drives in File Explorer.

Why isn't my partition appearing in File Explorer?

joined screenshots: “Computer Management” and “File Explorer”

Ramhound said (in a comment that has been deleted):

You need to assign it an actual drive letter

But haven't I fulfilled this? I named the missing partition A.


You don't have a drive letter assigned. Drive letters in Explorer and Disk management tool are put in parentheses as you can see from your own screenshot

Diskmgmt drive letter and paths

The string on each volume is its label. You need to select Change Drive Letter and Paths in the context menu and add a new drive letter. There you can also mount the drive under any NTFS folders, but that's probably not what most people want


Well, even on newer Windows versions like 10 or 8, drives A: and B: are specifically reserved for floppies. That is why the actual Windows drive starts on C: and not A: or B:. Just assign it a different drive letter like D: or something that isn't used and it should work. That is probably what @Ramhound meant by an "actual drive letter": something that isn't A: or B:.

EDIT: This may or may not be causing a problem: @Ramhound also mentioned that what you added was a drive label, not a drive letter; that was a mistake on my part. You need to assign it a drive letter still; right click on the partition and click on "Change Drive Letter and Paths;" then assign it a drive letter and click OK. It still is preferable that you assign it something other than A: or B:.

  • Nope; That is absolutely not what i meant. The author set a drive label to the partition. They didn’t assign a drive letter. You can also assign any drive letter to any partition you want. Windows doesn’t limit you in that regard – Ramhound Feb 10 at 4:27
  • A: and B: are not specifically reserved for floppies. I use them all the time. It's just the old convention that C is the system drive and that drive letter is even hard coded in a lot of programs and scripts so people don't want to break things – phuclv Feb 10 at 8:22

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