Mojave introduced a feature where I can press ⌘ CMD + SHIFT + 5 to bring up the screen capture application, which has a control widget at the bottom:

Mojave Screencap Tool

If I place the rectangle over the area I want to capture, then click Record; It begins to record, but to stop the recording I must press the previous key combination again then click to stop the recording.

Is there a way to pause the recording on the fly - prefereably using a keystroke with some visual feedback?

This would make it easier to avoid long pauses in the screen capture of a terminal or window, and prevent having to edit the video file later.


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I don't think there's any way to Pause.

You can Stop using Cmd ⌘ Ctrl ⌃ Esc or click the enter image description here icon in the Menu bar.

Apple KB - How to record the screen on your Mac

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