I'd like to run the AHK script with arguments, like:

AutoHotkeyU64 file.ahk arg1 arg2

Then access these variables as part of the script, e.g.

MsgBox, %arg1%, %arg2%

How this can be achieved?


The command line parameters are stored in the variables %1%, %2%, and so on. So for example:

MsgBox, %1%, %2%

Since version v1.1.27+, input parameters are stored as an array in the built-in variable A_Args as an array.

Here is the example:

for n, param in A_Args  ; For each parameter:
    MsgBox Parameter number %n% is %param%.

Legacy: The command line parameters are also stored in the variables %1%, %2%, and so on, as in versions prior to [v1.1.27]. In addition, %0% contains the number of parameters passed (0 if none). However, these variables cannot be referenced directly in an expression because they would be seen as numbers rather than variables.

Source: Passing Command Line Parameters to a Script.

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