I have a Desktop PC with gigabyte motherboard m61pme-s2p and i want to know if it supports UEFI?Also i found in C:/Windows/boot that there is an EFI folder and from another post on the internet i know that if there is that EFi folder than my pc supports UEFI.In SystemInformation bios is set to legacy.

  • Is your drive schema MBR or GPT? Use Disk Management to determine this (do any additional research required to answer this question). – Ramhound Feb 3 at 22:30
  • Specifications for that old board do not show it as having a uefi bios....gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-M61PME-S2P-rev-13#sp – Moab Feb 3 at 22:52
  • My drive scheme is MBR.So i guess that i have to buy a new motherboad right?Also in Panther folder,setupact file i get BIOS not EFI.But why there is an EFI folder in boot folder in C:/windows?I found that from this post superuser.com/questions/304004/… – Marius Enache Feb 4 at 11:55
  • Is there any way i can convert my bios to uefi? – Marius Enache Feb 5 at 21:03

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