I am using a formula that has a rather long condition which does not fit to the page. Please have a look at this example

However, instead of using a line break, Word just continues the formula beyond the page. Is there a way to make Word use an intelligent line break or introducing one manually without introducing a new line, which will destroy the rest of the layout?


I think you can put the entire formula in a cell of a table with invisible borders. Worked for me when I was writing longer formulas.

  • I tried putting it into a table, but it just goes behind the other cells ... – Karl A Feb 5 at 16:20
  • I did that with my formulas and it worked. Hmmm... – Bogdan Doicin Feb 5 at 17:28

right click at any blank area within the equation, where breaking will not disturb the essence of the equation, select Insert manual break.

enter image description here

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