Im building an application wich should do live streaming of video+audio using FFMPEG on only one port, but i seem unable to find the rigth protocol to do so and/or having trouble finding the rigth documentation.

This is for a Linux server wich im making wich should stream to an Android APK. I can use only one port for streaming. Thats a design condition, cant modifiy that.

Rigth now, the protocol im using is RTSP but im having trouble sending audio+video since only one stream is supported in the RTP muxer, so i can send only audio or only video

This question is related https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12007882/ffmpeg-rtp-streaming-error/16468600 but the solution proposed uses a pair of ports, wich i cant do.

Is there any container (.mp4, flv, mpeg, etc) and/or protocol (tcp, udp, rtp, http) better suited for this?

Any suggestions?

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    Depends on your use case, but you could stream via HTTP (e.g. using MPEG-DASH or HLS). Then all you need is HTTP(S) – one port. – slhck Feb 5 at 14:55

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