Not remotely a power user at all, I got stumped when my shell (which has been working just fine for months) started giving me this output:

Last login: Tue Feb  5 08:26:33 on ttys002
Welcome to fish, the friendly interactive shell
pacoc@iPaco ~> source ~/miniconda3/bin/activate
~/miniconda3/bin/activate (line 5): 'return' outside of function definition
\. "$_CONDA_ROOT/etc/profile.d/conda.sh" || return $?
from sourcing file ~/miniconda3/bin/activate
    called on standard input

source: Error while reading file '/Users/pacoc/miniconda3/bin/activate'
pacoc@iPaco ~>

This is an iMac running MacOS 10.14.2; I have searched across the site but couldn't find a similar question.

Help appreciated. Thanks

  • That activate script is for a bash (i.e., POSIX) shell. Fish isn't a POSIX compliant shell hence the syntax error. You've changed something. Did you upgrade fish recently. Fish 3.0 was recently released and has a few backward incompatible changes that might break miniconda or otherwise confuse it. Alternatively, perhaps you upgraded miniconda and failed to set it up correctly for fish. I use Anaconda with fish but use a custom activate script that I wrote and it works fine. – Kurtis Rader Feb 5 at 20:11

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