In PostgreSQL JDBC driver documentation, it is written:

The timeout value used for socket connect operations. If connecting to the server takes longer than this value, the connection is broken. The timeout is specified in seconds and a value of zero means that it is disabled. The default value is 0 (unlimited) up to 9.4.1208, and 10 seconds since 9.4.1209

So, what I understood is default value is 0 if we don't provide anything. Then what is 9.4... and 10... it is mentioning. Is 10 maximum time or what?

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Those are version numbers and a new default

The numbers you are seeing in that part of the documentation (9.4.1208) are version numbers (see Semantic Versioning for an example), eg 9.4.1208.

Note that the JDBC driver versioning changed and now numbers from 42:

1.1. Why the versioning change from 9.4.xxxx to 42.x.x? We have three issues we are trying to address here.

a) We do not want to be tied to the server release schedule.


b) Avoid confusion as to which version to use with which server version.


c) The previous version policy don't leave room for differentiate from bug fixes releases and feature releases.

The other bit you asked about:

10 seconds since 9.4.1209

Is the new default, ie the default was 0 (no timeout) and it changed to 10 seconds before the connection times out.

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