I'm kind of new to virtual computers. I am getting this error message when I try to run a virtual system:

[Not in a hypervisor partition (HVP=0) (VERR_NEM_NOT_AVAILABLE).
VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for all CPU modes (VERR_VMX_MSR_ALL_VMX_DISABLED).

Result Code: 
E_FAIL (0x80004005)
IConsole {872da645-4a9b-1727-bee2-5585105b9eed}

enter image description here


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The error message is very clear in this case. Your CPU virtualization options are turned off in the BIOS.

You need to reboot in to the BIOS and Enable VT-x.

According to the manual: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c06002345

"Turn on or restart the computer, quickly press esc, and then press f10."

Under the System Configuration Tab. Check if there is Virtualization Technology listed.

Enable it.

  • MB is 15-ce019dx and I run windows 10 Feb 7, 2019 at 23:23
  • 1
    Please do not only respond in the comments. Instead, edit the post with this information. Feb 7, 2019 at 23:25
  • 1
    On AMD-Ryzen it is called SVM Mode
    – Brackets
    Mar 22, 2020 at 20:39

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