Yesterday, I was using my laptop, when my brother jumped on the bed, and the laptop turned off abruptly. After trying to turn it on, it said: "Repairing disk Errors". I don't know what compelled me to foolishly turn of the laptop, but after booting it, it said: Error 0xc0000185. The boot configuration data for your pc is missing or contains errors.this is what it looked like

I got a little spooked, so I made Windows 10 installation media using MS' tool, and tried to boot from it. There were two options, repair, and install. I chose repair, and it brought me to the troubleshooting screen, where I had to fix the boot record using command prompt. That didn't work,* so I tried to install windows, but it showed that my HDD has 0 GB of storage. After rebooting, and letting it run for 13 hours, I decided to turn it off and go to bios. From there, it says that there is no HDD/SSD.

What should I do guys? I don't mind using Linux, but how do I break this cycle?

  • bootrec /rebuildbcd detects 0 windows installations.
  • 1
    Sounds like you have trashed your hard disk. Get a new one and restore from your backups. – DavidPostill Feb 10 at 8:10
  • I have not created a backup, I know. I'm an utter fool for it. I'm an idiot. – derpitron Feb 10 at 8:13
  • Now, when trying to re-install Windows 10, the utility detects the HDD and all its partitions, but I am unable to install to any of them. – derpitron Feb 10 at 8:55
  • Your drive is failing/dead. Remove it. Get another and install your new OS to that. When it is up and running again you can try data recovery from the old drive. You may even be able to plug it in and drag your important files to your new drive. – shawn Feb 10 at 16:11

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