I want to dual boot my laptop so it is windows and ubuntu but am a bit confused about which disk partitions I can/should shrink...

I am currently on windows 10 and want to dual boot with ubuntu 18.0.4. It seems I don't have much space to shrink my C drive which surprises me but I also have a lot of partitions I don't fully understand... can I shrink D and put the ubuntu partition there?

Here is an image of my disk management.



It looks like you have ~65 GB free on your C drive-- along with some factory partitions which should not be meddled with-- which is enough storage for a Ubuntu installation. I would recommend this if your OS disk is significantly faster than your Data disk (D:), e.g. it is a solid state drive. However, it certainly seems like you should install Ubuntu on the ~900 GB free on D:; partitions can be shrunk inside the Ubuntu installer-- note however that, since the partition is BitLocker encrypted, you should shrink the partition using Windows Disk Management.

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