If I've got a folder structure that I'd like to split so that it could be burned to multiple CDs or DVDs, what's the best tool out there to accomplish this?

The folders/files have to be natively accessible once the split is done (no compression or physical splitting that would require a later join), and the folder structure should still remain intact as it spaces discs.

Any ideas?

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According to this question on WindowsBBS.com:

First some background, I use Genie Backup Manager to backup my data. When I submit a job, it tells me how many DVDs will be required to complete the job.

Which to me implies that Genie Backup Manager can do what you want.

The Backup Media on the Features page states:

Span across more than one location using multi-drive spanning,

Also it's a commercial product so may not be what you want.


Maybe my small utility will help you: hardlink

It splits folder to chunks using hardlinks to preserve diskspace, so it requires NTFS. So if one has this files structure:

Root/Source 1/Hog 1 1Gb
Root/Source 1/Hog 2 1Gb
Root/Source 1/Hog 3 1Gb
Root/Source 2/Hog 4 1Gb

after split by 2Gb get this:

DestFolder/Disk 1/Source 1/Hog 1 1Gb
DestFolder/Disk 1/Source 1/Hog 2 1Gb
DestFolder/Disk 2/Source 1/Hog 3 1Gb
DestFolder/Disk 2/Source 2/Hog 4 1Gb

i.e. copying all disk to one folder will restore original folder.

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