I have a Newly-installed-windows-10 on my machine due to corruptions made to the previous one by a Trojan. I have no idea what my product key and activation keys were, Is there a way I can retrieve my product and activation keys from Microsoft by providing accurate hardware info?

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    Do you need them? Most individual-license Windows 10 installations don't. – grawity Feb 11 at 5:59
  • Yes, some functions and settings are greyed out and a prompt appears on my screen to reactivate – LiNKeR Feb 11 at 7:47
  • Did the previous OS have a legitimate activation, was it OEM or retail or free upgrade from older release? Did you install the same type (Pro vs Home) as you had before? Have you used a Microsoft Account on the previous installation? [Note that there is generally no such a thing as "activation key" in Windows, only the product key.] – grawity Feb 11 at 8:48
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    Ah, so you won't be able to obtain the product key because you never had a Pro license in the first place. – grawity Feb 11 at 18:28
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    You can't retrieve the activation keys for Pro because this system doesn't have a Pro license. If you install Home instead, you probably won't need the keys – Win10 usually reactivates hardware-bound licenses automatically. – grawity Feb 11 at 19:29

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