I am trying to set up routers around my place to have wi-fi coverage and security..

Here is the situation: I live with my family in a moderately large property, so in order to have complete wi-fi coverage we need couple of routers to ensure signal strength. Also, we have spare rooms we rent through airbnb, so we have a dual band tplink wr941hp router in order to have a guest wi-fi network set up. Finally, our ISP provides a weak wi-fi router (default IP which we are trying to work around.

What I am trying to do: I have the ISP router wi-fi turned off. TPLink is set as slave: lan-to-lan from the ISP to the TPLink; TPLink DHCP turned off; TPLink IP set to (as per this tutorial). Main SSID is the family wi-fi, and a guest wi-fi SSID set-up.

Problem is, I am unable to connect to the guest wi-fi. I get internet just fine though the family wi-fi, but guest is unable to resolve IP from what I was able to gather (I tried connecting with my laptop and phone. On the android phone, connection stalls at "Getting IP address..." and than fails).

Edit: router info as requested by Tim_Stewart

TPLink WR941HP v2.0 firmware: 2.0.1 build 20180305 Rel. 54795(4252)

Guest WLAN config page screenshot

Can I get some help with this?

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    Hi @Tim_Stewart, thanks to your commentI seem to have fixed the issue. Since you asked for an image of my guest WLAN configuration page, I assumed something there could have been misconfiged and tried ticking the box on the second line, that read "allow guests to access my local network". I am now able to connect and have internet through guest wi-fi. But I thought that this would compromise my family network security. I noticed I cannot login to the TPLink router from the guest wi-fi.. so maybe I was overzealous? – Guga Figueiredo Feb 12 at 23:14

So.. from @Tim_Stewart's comment I was able to find the necessary configuration to get my guest wi-fi working as expected.

On the Guest WLAN page, you have two checkboxes with options:

1 - Allow guests to see each other
2 - Allow guests to access my local network

Ticking the second box has resolved the issue of not being able to connect to the guest wi-fi.

Since I remain unable to access router through guest wi-fi, I am inclined to believe this is not actually exposing my family network to guests, like i thought it would.

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