When saving Excel worksheets, I used to get the option to save it as PDF. Now working on a new computer, when I want to save a worksheet as PDF, I have a limited number of file extentions I can use. Amongst them no PDF. Question: how can I add the PDF option to this list

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    As it stands, there is not much that can be said. Can you please edit your question to give us more info, what version of Excel? Windows? are they different? anything else is different about teh two machines? etc... – cybernetic.nomad Feb 11 at 15:01

A) Install Adobe Acrobat Pro. Adobe.com


B) Find a "pdf printer" program and print to a pdf. A number of versions of these programs are out there.


Windows 10 and MacOS X include Print to PDF in the default list. For instance, in MacOS, hit Ctrl-P, click the PDF pulldown on the bottom, and choose 'Save as PDF' . In Windows 10, hit Ctrl-P, choose 'Microsoft Print to PDF' from the list, and when you Print, it will prompt for where to Save.

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader also includes a PDF printer driver. You can also install standalone PDF printer drivers like CutePDF, PDFCreator, or FoxIt.

I've never used the Export to PDF function in Excel, preferring Print to PDF.

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