I'm asking about an issue on a Wordpress website, that serves on an Ubuntu 18.04 behind of a WAF service.

The server was working for 1 year. 4 days ago I tried to upload a file and I got Http error.

upload_max_filesize and other values on configurations are about 2G.

First of all, I checked VM configs and I found out VM memory reduced to 4G. After increasing the memory amount, I did a check on Vestacp for the PHP, Nginx, and Apache configs, and they had no changes. Then I tried to upload, but this time on the local network and file uploaded successfully!

here are the questions:

  • Did I miss anything, while I checked the configurations?
  • Is the WAF the reason of the problem?
  • Is it a possibility that reducing and increasing the VM Memory amount, causing the problem?

And at last, how can I fix this?


Can someone explain the Juniper strategy and why it has done this?

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I don't know your exact hosting set up (like if you are using cpanel or another layer in there) .. But I have found this article at https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-increase-the-maximum-file-upload-size-in-wordpress/ very helpful in the past. Note that some servers I've found I needed to create a php.ini file in the domain root, other times just changing it at the server level worked fine across all domains, and other sites I've needed to use the .htaccess file to get the increased size to work. It's definitely worth checking your waf though, be sure that it doesn't block file uploads or that it doesn't specify a limit.


The problem has solved after bypassing the WAF

** Edited **

According to the network security administrator investigation on the issue, after a couple of malicious requests to the Server, WAF made the right decision by blocking the rest of them. However, we are trying to find the source of the requests. As a theory, MSN Bot doing this.

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