I have a black tile on the taskbar. It will not run anything and I have not been able to remove it. It says it is for Hulu when I right click on it, but I do have another Hulu shortcut on the taskbar that works. The two items in the context menu are "Hulu" and "Pin to taskbar". Clicking either one does nothing. What I really want to do is remove it. I have piddled around on my own. There is no shortcut in the directory associated with those tiles, and the reg key has a ton of stuff that is in binary. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about removing it?

Adding screenshots: Screenshot of blank tile Context menu

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    Can you provide a screenshot? – LPChip Feb 11 at 15:38
  • @LPChip - Thank you for the reply. Screenshots have been added to the original post. – user3179754 Feb 12 at 22:45
  • Hulu is an app from the Microsoft Store, correct? If so, try to go to Settings->Apps->Hulu and delete its cache, similar on how you would do on a phone. This should act as a reinstall and may fix this stuck icon on your taskbar. – LPChip Feb 13 at 6:51

If you are prepared to uninstall & reinstall Hulu, then that's possibility. The downside is that you may have to reconfigure it again (or maybe not).

I can't recommend Revo uninstaller enough (the link is to the free version). I have been using it for 10 years or more, paid for the pro version, and can't find anything better, although I regularly look for alternatives to my staple apps every few months.

It will run the normal uninstall, then scan hard-drives and registry for any leftover traces, one of which is causing your artefact.

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    This makes me feel silly. As you recommended, I uninstalled the application and that got rid of it. I don't know why I didn't think of that myself. Thank you to everyone who chimed in to help! – user3179754 Feb 13 at 16:02
  • Don't feel silly. Sometimes I have a blindspot - and that's when Stack Exchange helps me :-) Just glad to have solved it – Mawg Feb 13 at 22:31

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