My flat came with a draytek vigor 2860ac router. I am upgrading to BT's ultrafast fibre broadband (the BT engineer also called it G.Fast brief not on G.Fast).

The problem is I know very little about routers and that my router needs to be reconfigured for this lasted BT broadband. BT have said they do not touch third party devices.

However I read that as they supply a modem, which converts the G.Fast over a telephone line to Ethernet, I can use my Dray support PPPoE, which means it can authenticate to the BT network, and the modem can pass traffic over to the draytek router. If that is correct then great but again how do I reconfigure my router for this?

Someone also told me that if BT were to supply a modem, or a router capable of entering into bridge mode, then it would work with the Draytek. I would just need to configure one of the gigabit ethernet ports to acts as a WAN3 interface, and thus the router would connect to the G.Fast network via a modem or bridged router , thus you can get the new BT service and maintain your wan2 link to the communal services.

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