I've got a remote Windows 7 PC with an app I can access through Telnet and the port 3000.

I want to be able to restart the app through commands, but I can't do it with winrm, because I get an error (I opened this thread), so I thought I could open another Telnet connection to this PC, this time, using the port 23.

However, at the moment, this doesn't work and I'm not sure how to configure it.

My firewall is completely off and I can ping the PC. However, the only Telnet connection I can do is the one with port 3000 and this one only works when this app is open.

I'd like a "traditional" Telnet connection so I can restart that app.

Also, this PC doesn't show anything in the settings "Turn Windows features on or of" so, please, do guide me through a different way :)

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