I have an Asus RT-AC58U and am setting up a development server on my local network.

I would like to point all .lan domains to this local server via the router as I want to avoid editing host files on machines that are trying to access the dev server.

I have read that is can be done if you flash AsusWRT-Merlin to an Asus router, but my particular router is not supported.

Is there another way I may be able to do it?


I will put this here in case someone else runs into the same problem.

I found there was no real way of changing the router dns to point all .lan domains to my local dev server, as this particular router is not supported well by open source router software that is often flashed to routers, eg. AsusWRT-Merlin.

Instead I installed dnsmasq on the dev server and told it to point all .lan domains to it's own IP and then passthrough other DNS queries to Google (
I then set the router's DNS settings (under the WAN settings) to use this local dev server as it's first DNS, and the google DNS ( as it's secondary DNS. This way, when my local dev server is turned on, the router uses it's DNS, when the local dev server is turned off, the router uses the google DNS.

It works well.

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