Considering purchasing a laptop, that comes with either Win10 Home or Win10 Pro.

The main OS in the laptop is going to be a Linux, but I sometimes need to run Windows apps, and so hope to transfer the forced-purchase license(*) to a VM. Given that the Win VM is going to be mostly a runtime environment for some apps, is there any benefit to have the Pro edition? Are there any apps that could refuse to run in a Family edition?

(*) no option to remove both in the configurator.

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I have read trought some informative sites and there is no difference for what you want to do. And by that I mean normal apps, like Microsoft Office, AutoCad, etc;

Most differences Here and Here, point to less features on the networking and security side of Windows. You won't have Remote Desktop neither will you be able to join to a HomeGroup. Also there is a limitation on ram capacity wich is 128gb for Home a 2tb for the Pro. Being a laptop this shouldn't be a problem.

Also the most important thing is that you won't be able to run 16-bit apps on any Windows 10 version.

You must know this already but Wine have gone a long way and it's more compatible than it used to be. Install it and try to run your apps trought it. If that doesn't work then use the VM.


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