My Windows start menu sometimes becomes unresponsive. Unresponsive means one of the following things (or):

  • The Windows start menu icon doesn't respond to clicks (Windows key on keyboard still works)
  • The Windows start menu opens but with a delay of 1-2 seconds
  • The Windows start menu opens but all UI elements in it (apps, ..) are unresponsive to clicks

This really annoys me and I was starting to get really mad at Windows until:

I noticed that when I close all Chrome instances the problem instantly goes away and Windows is responsive again.

Tin foil hat on: is Google intentionally sabotaging the Windows experience?

Or (tin foil hat off) is this a somewhat common problem and there is a fix / workaround?

My PC specs are not the source. I have a powerful PC and while this happens neigter CPU nor RAM are busy.

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