I am trying to run windows program (atmelstudio) as administrator through batch command in Jenkins build process. So far I have enabled original .exec and all shortcuts to run as administrator through Windows GUI. But when I run windows BATCH command START /WAIT atmelstudio example.cproj /build release /out build.log it doesn't always run as administrator. When I restart windows build machine and then run this program through jenkins build, it runs as administrator, but in scheduled nightly build it always fail to runs as administrator.

I have tried

runas /user:admin-user@host-name /WAIT atmelstudio example.cproj /build release /out build.log

runas /user:host-name\admin-user /WAIT atmelstudio example.cproj /build release /out build.log

but this didn't help at all.

what I have to do here to make atmelstudio to run as administrator always through batch command ?

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