I'm running an SSH server on windows 10 that autoruns a batch script. I'm trying to keep users from exiting out of the batch script and attaining access to the system. However the user can just enter ctrl+c and it will exit out of the batch script and give the user full access to the computer. Is this possible?


It is possible (kind of). But its far away from trivial task. Please check this Q/A in Stackoverflow about the subject

It turns out that (GOTO) 2>NUL behaves almost identically to EXIT /B, except concatenated commands within an already parsed block of code are still executed after the effective return, within the context of the CALLer!

  • Windows. No bash. It’s windows. – Mark Deven Feb 11 at 19:12
  • @MarkDeven, edited :) – Romeo Ninov Feb 11 at 19:26

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