After being updated to a new laptop with default 1920x1080 dislay resolution, I noticed that the buttons in Eclipse became very tiny. A website recommended changing the compatibility setting on the eclipse shortcut to "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by: System (enhanced)". This makes the buttons larger automatically.

Here is the setting in the short cut I am referencing above: Short-cut compatibility tab

While this solution worked great in terms of the eclipse button sizes, there was a subtle change in the behavior of selected text in files. I can select a block of text moving down towards the end of the file and it works fine. But if (while still holding the left mouse button down) I back up past the start point for several lines and then proceed down past the starting point again, the lines prior to the starting point remain (incorrectly) selected. This is true until I move the scroll bar a little: at that point the selected text before the start point becomes (correctly) deselected.

Here is a file that has the selected text as described above (with backward/forward selections): Selected text as described above

Here is the image just after I move the scroll bar slightly: Selected text after moving scroll bar

This sounds like a repaint problem (?) but I'm uncertain. I am hoping there is another control setting somewhere in Windows 10 (or Eclipse) that might fix this. I like the larger buttons this option provides, but not if I can't fix this wonky selected-text behavior (it's just too irritating while editing).

There are a few other similar odd selected-text behaviors in Eclipse with this option, but they are too difficult to explain. This one was fairly straight forward. I suspect if I can get this one fixed, the others will also be fixed.

Note that if I uncheck that option in the compatibility tab of the shortcut, the correct text selection behavior returns, but the buttons also return to their original tiny size.

I am using Eclipse Version: 2018-12 (4.10.0), Build id: 20181214-0600 on the Windows 10 operating system. I'm running Eclipse with Java 1.8.0_201. Any help would be much appreciated.

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