UPDATE: booting into safe mode network fixes it. But when I go back to regular mode its broken again.

While I was browsing reddit. My browser(Chrome), suddenly said that I have no internet connection.

My steam disconnected, can't ping Google. My network icon has that yellow triangle thing on my taskbar

I checked my phone, It had internet, my brother was currently watching Netflix on TV in the living room, the house has internet.

So I logged into my router, pc can connect to router settings via web browser. I am connected via Ethernet cable. I tried to use the troubleshoot tool in windows network and internet settings.

It said the DNS server isn't responding.

I tried to ipconfig release, renew, flushdns, winsock reset then restart pc Still can't connect.

Tried setting preferred dns from auto to did not work

Any tips?

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    how about re-installing the wifi driver? – Amir-Mousavi Feb 12 '19 at 14:06
  • Reinstalling driver did not work. BTW it's not wifi, it's Ethernet cable – Magicfades Feb 12 '19 at 14:28
  • Is windows updates installed? Sometimes it affect the newtork interface – GabrieleMartini Feb 12 '19 at 15:23

Since you stated that your network works fine in SafeMode, this indicates there is some software/driver that is causing the issue.

  • Additional testing could be useful
    • Ping, see if your computer is able to connect to the internet but is lacking DNS services
    • Run a "NSLookup google.com", see if that resolves and what kind of information you get back.
  • If you have recently installed any new software:
    • Uninstalling the new software
    • Reboot
    • Test again
  • If that doesn't work, it may have been an update, or some other system change
    • See if you have any recent system restore points
    • Restore back to a restore point and test again

I got it working again, I tried turning off some auto start services, I compared the running services when it was on safe mode vs unsafe mode. I tried turning off non-essential things one by one until it started working again. Ultimately it was a network monitoring tool that came with my motherboard's driver installation disc.

Which is weird because that thing never updated, and I've been using it with no problems for several months. I didn't do any windows/(any)software update for the past week (I casually use my computer everyday). The internet connection just stopped working all of a sudden in the middle of casual browsing. I don't have any auto-updates enabled of any kind (I think).

Regardless. Thanks for all the people giving tips for troubleshooting. Maybe sometime in the future I can use these troubleshooting tips to fix issues I might have or share these with my friends.

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