I'm trying to figure out if i deploy something from my powershell, that it is deploying to the wrong subscription which is in no way connected to eachother, except for that i have previously been logged in with it in powershell.

I have used az logout and az account clear to make sure it doesn't have any knowledge of the other account.

If i list any resources it would do it on the correct account, but creating would be on the second account.

If i do a az account list it only shows the correct account.

Any ideas of how to fix this ?



For anyone else needing the answer, the AZ module the other modules are not working correctly together, as my context was set differently in AzureRM than in Az.

When i attempted to do the deployments through for an example az group create instead of new-azresourcegroup it deployed correctly


Try using the select command first, to select which tenant you are deploying to:

Select-AzureRmSubscription -SubscripitionID <ID of sub> -TenantId <ID of Azure Tenant>

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