Is there a tool for Windows 10 to compare a folder at a point in time in File History to the current folder?

I had something strange happen where a file I was working on seemed to revert back to a previous version on my main drive. I was able to restore it to a previous version from File History. But now I'm suspicious and I'd really like to be able to compare my current folder vs my File History to see what the changes are.

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  • For what it's worth, I found my solution: You can use "Restore your files with file history" to find the backup date and folder you want to compare. Then click the cog wheel on the right and select "restore to..." to select a different location to restore the folder to. Then use WinMerge to compare the original folder to the backup. Not quite automatic, but it works well and I was able to solve my problem. – John Feb 14 at 14:42