I am new to electron and node.js so I have decided to build an app that extracts critical information about the OS, CPU, RAM, GPU, etc. (yes like CPU-Z, GPU-Z and Speccy)

I wanted to use the VS Code custom title bar found here https://github.com/Cristian006/frameless-titlebar. Only problem was that I followed the steps (I think) correctly but the title bar would not load. The repo mentioned adding code on "app's root container render method" but when i installed electron and started it via the command npm init I found no render file whatsoever and despite me creating and adding the code in it (and also trying in the <script> of the HTML file for the main window) I was still unsuccessful.

Due to my inexperience, I think that I am doing something wrong. Could anyone guide me thoroughly on how I can use this library/API step-by-step. I am using JavaScript and HTML/CSS mainly instead of TypeScript.

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