I wanna buy a good GPU for playing AC:Origin, Monster Hunter World, Forza something on my 1366x768 monitor. I haven't played any of the game said above or any game released on the past 9-10 years due to my Intel HD. All i wanna know is is a GTX 750ti capable for high settings or should i buy the little costlier GTX 760? I saw some benchmark and gameplay on Youtube but all of them were 1080p! So Please Help Me! Sorry for bad english

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  • "I wanna know it is a GTX 750ti capable for high settings" - No; You will be unable to play any of those games on high using a GTX 750 Ti. Since you have a 9-year-old processor, it is doubtful, any of those applications will even run. AC: Origin barely runs on my i7 4770k and GTX 770. – Ramhound Feb 12 at 18:12

The GTX 700 series was released in 2013 -- these graphics cards are 5-6 years old. They will likely struggle to run new video games at all, let alone on high settings.

These cards might be a sensible upgrade if you could get them at no cost, but they are not worth spending money on. If you want to spend money on a graphics card, buy something more recent.


Since you didn't specify your CPU model, I can only give you some idea regarding GPU comparisons.

Here are some benchmark pages on the game and the graphic card:

Assassin's Creed Origins Notebook and Desktop Benchmarks - NotebookCheck.net Reviews NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Benchmarks - NotebookCheck.net Tech

For example, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (Laptop) (which has roughly the same 3DMark Fire Strike Graphics Score as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760) can barely achieve 60fps for 1280x720, low graphic preset in AC Origin.

But the truth is, from my own understanding (I played AC Origin too), that:

  • this game's performance depends more heavily on CPU than GPU (not that this isn't a GPU-intensive game), I personally don't think anything lower than a Quad-Core CPU (with 8 thread) is able to deliver any tolerable frame rates.
  • the fact that 760 is quite a few generations old (quite old given we are in early 2019) makes me believe that even though it has about the same 3DMark Fire Strike score (which simulates a generic DX11 game) as a laptop 1050, it won't perform nearly as well as a 1050 in reality.

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