I have a client who has a windows laptop that is connected to a secondary display. The display it is driving is set up as "display 2" and it shows a video feed from an application. When the display is connected, the laptop's local display goes black. When I unplug the second display I can see that it's not mirroring, that there are two separate displays.

I have checked everywhere in power and display settings to find a way to get this laptop to use both the local display and the projector connected via HDMI, for two displays, but I can't find a setting.

He said someone told him they disabled the local display when the projector is connected, but I don't know how one would do that. When I connect a different display to the laptop, it mirrors, so I can't look at the display settings for the other display at the same time (they are in different buildings, the HDMI is super long). Any ideas?

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