extension Microsoft integration services projects 2.2 likely caused 43 seconds of unresponsiveness


  1. Visual Studio is VERY slow for Microsoft Integration Services with VS 2017.
  2. not possible to click "Edit script"-button on Script-component.
  3. Getting message: "extension Microsoft integration services projects 2.2 likely caused 43 seconds of unresponsiveness"


  1. tried to repair VS in Visual Studio Installer
  2. uninstalled and installed SSDT


-Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Version 15.9.6 - VisualStudio.15.Release/15.9.6+28307.344 Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.7.03190


  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools. 15.1.61901.03220.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services . 15.0.1100.123
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services . 15.0.1300.59
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services . Version 15.0.900.163

"Edit Script- button disabled"

Error msg for Integration Sefvices

About Visual Studio, versions

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I had the same problem in SSDT 2017 ... This post by SQL Girl explains that what is going on is that connections are being validated ... there are number of ways to treat this ... http://thesqlgirl.com/2016/09/17/ssis-package-validation/ ...I like Validate External Metadata: False or Work Offline: True

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