This an issue I am trying for a while to get an answer to. I have already posted on the official forums of Microsoft and Apple and got no real, clear answer.

I have a Windows Server 2019 test machine that will probably get some new roles enabled in the near future, like DHCP and DNS. I am not familiar with the configuration of those at the moment. I want to install Apple Bonjour on it as a requirement for other software.

From what I am aware of, Bonjour is a zeroconf software. Windows has its own equivalent in Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR). There are some software that I also plan to install that rely on the zerconf function in Windows. I have found informations about how both LLMNR and Bonjour work, but not about what happens if they are installed together. I am not even sure LLMNR is present in Windows Server 2019.

I am afraid that having Bonjour installed will get LLMNR partially or totally disabled in order to avoid conflicts, with Bonjour taking over its functions. The best thing I was told on the official forums was ”Install it and, if it causes issues, remove it.” I cannot do that, since the software configuration will probably change in the near future and it would not be too relevant. I could try to make some experiments half-blind, but it would take some time and the result may be the need to reinstall the OS and re-configure it and I would like to avoid that.

So, my questions are:

  1. Can multiple zeroconf software be present in one machine?

  2. If so, do they require manual configuration?

  3. Does installing Bonjour disable LLMNR partially or totally?

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