An analogy might make my intention clear. It's very easy to disable images in Google Chrome: Go to Settings, Click on 'Advanced' and scroll down to 'Privacy and security', where the option to disable Images from any and all websites.

Before image disabling and after

As you can see, the amazing thing about this is that all images are blocked on Chrome period. There's no images inside websites, and even directly opening a image link results in nothing (see after).

My question is... How can I do the same for WEBM and other forms of videos? There is no option for disabling videos. I need to learn a method, a way, a new browser that has this capability of completely blocking video playback (with exceptions of course, like YouTube, etc.) Please do not confuse this with auto-playback. I want to disable playing the videos in the first place.

This is what I want to prevent from playing(underlined represents that what should be blockable)

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