I need to use CabWiz for a legacy mobile project but I can't install the Windows Mobile SDK.

Where can I find the latest version of the CAB File Wizard (Cabwiz.exe)?

  1. Download Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK Refresh.msi.
  2. Extract the contents of the .msi file using 7-Zip:

    7z.exe x "Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK Refresh.msi"
  3. Extract the contents of sdkfiles.cab:

    7z.exe x sdkfiles.cab
  4. Find the following files and rename them:
    • CGen_Common_CabWiz_Cabwiz.exe => Cabwiz.exe
    • CGen_Common_CabWiz_makecab.exe => makecab.exe
    • CGen_Common_CabWiz_cabwiz.ddf => cabwiz.ddf

If you check the Details property of Cabwiz.exe you should find it has version 4.5.5102.

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