I have a piece of code running in (Angularjs v1.3.20, JQuery 1.11.1) which binds the resize event to a scaling function like so

angular.element(window).resize(function() {

However, after leaving the page that uses this code, the next page uses this bind and it's causing all sorts of problems scaling that page.

My vectors thus far include:

angular.element(window).on('resize', scaleContent);


$scope.$on('$destroy', function() {
    angular.element(window).off('resize', scaleContent)

To no avail. I've also tried bind/unbind, and various permutations of bind/unbind/on/off and passing scaleContent as a function reference/call. The best results I've had so far use bind/unbind, but that is deprecated and I wish to use on/off if possible.

I'm looking for a reliable way to remove this window resize binding upon destroy of the page.

Edit With Solution: There were a number of problems that I solved. First I had originally mistakenly had


which I have replaced by


I then moved the whole on destroy portion outside of the init function of the controller (which I hadn't thought important enough to mention) and moved the on call past a timeout call of the scalecontent function. These were all things which I hadn't thought too important but it is now (actually) working.

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