I'm trying to create a virtual assistant in azure by following this guide: https://github.com/Microsoft/AI/blob/master/solutions/Virtual-Assistant/docs/virtualassistant-createvirtualassistant.md

but when running the msbot clone services following message appears in the console:

With msbot 4.3.2 and later, the only AZ CLI prerequisite is having an AZ CLI version >= 2.0.53. If you have the botservice extension installed as well, please remove this via "az extension remove --name botservice". Checking az botservice version You need to upgrade your AZ CLI version to >= 2.0.53. You can install the latest AZ CLI from https://aka.ms/az-cli-download

Initially I was using msBot v4.3.2 and azure-cli v2.0.55. Then I've installed version 2.0.53 via pip install azure-cli==2.0.53 after uninstalling version .55, but still getting the same error. Also tried already lower msbot versions, but issue still remained.

I've also checked this post but it didn't helped with a workarount.

actual Console version check:

C:\Program Files (x86)\cmder
λ msbot -v

C:\Program Files (x86)\cmder
λ az -v
azure-cli                         2.0.53 *

Does anyone has an idea what to do here?

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