At the moment users are able to utilise the hotkeys Alt+Shift+PrtScn to switch from Light Contrast Theme to the Dark Contrast Theme but problem is they can’t revert to the light Contrast theme after this switch. Wierd behaviour.

After looking through the GPOs I noticed there is a policy for windows 10 which deactivates sync settings general and includes personalisation as one of the sub settings via computer policy. So my work around was to enable user toggle for High contrast and low contrast theme via current user context using the Reg keys below but with no success.

HKCU: HKCU\CONTROL PANEL\ACCESSIBILITY\HIGHCONTRAST: The "Flags" entry went 126 (disabled) to 127 (enabled) I heard one has to combine a couple of other Registry keys or create a custom administrative template to achieve this . I know this post is quite old and doesn’t fall in the Windows 10 scope but kind of have some relevancy to the topic https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/a19fe9c7-a80b-41b8-bfc9-701e02655480/enable-accessibility-high-contrast-via-registry Any other ideas on how to go about this easily. I have been on this for the past weeks to no avail.

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