I've been using ranger for a couple of days now, and I started customizing it to my needs. I have now the devicons plugin which shows a glyphs next the file name, but I don't know where I can change the color the file name.

I assume it should be in color schema (I'm using a modified Solarized.py), but how can say that I want all files ending in txt to have a green foreground color?

  • Someone asked a similar question here but I couldn't fully understand the responses. There's reference to "LS_COLORS theme" which may provide the feature sometime in the future. Whether is will be part of the latest version of Ranger, or whether older versions of Ranger will be able to use it is not clear to me. – DK Bose Apr 29 at 9:41
  • See github.com/ranger/colorschemes/issues/5 as well. – DK Bose Apr 29 at 9:49

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