The window of an input method application is hard to capture. It will disappear if you try to press shortcut key to capture the current screen. Even if you press Print Screen key, it will disappear too, making it tricky to capture the window.

Right now, I have to record my window to capture the IME window (see GIF below), which I am not very satisfied.


Is there a direct way to capture this window?

  • You could try timing the screencapture via a script. This answer suggests how, using the freeware NirCmd and the cmdwait command. You can run the script, then open the window while it's waiting. That way there is no buttonpress to interrupt it. – BlueDrink9 Feb 17 '19 at 8:49
  • Thanks, I have found snipaste works well to capture the IME window. See my answer below. – jdhao Feb 17 '19 at 10:00
  • Which OS and which IME is this? I don't have these problems on Win7 and Win10, but the IME looks different. – Thomas Weller Feb 17 '19 at 17:27

After posting this question in several places, I got the answer I want. I will summarize below.

  1. Use Snipaste (I am using fast stone capture right now).
  2. Use the Windows 10 shortcut Win + Shift +S( after Fall Creator update, Windows 10 Ver 1703), see references here. It will put the captured screen on clipboard. You can then paste the captured image to other tools to save it.
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You can also use snipping tool delayed feature in windows 10.

enter image description here

Or follow this process:

  • open snipping tool
  • create the screen you want to capture
  • press ctrl + printscrn
  • press new in snipping tool and create capture
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