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I've installed FreshTomato 2019.1.015-beta on a DIR868L A1 (Broadcom chipset). I've got a wireless router (Rt1) upstairs. I've got a DIR868L router with Tomato firmware (Rt2) downstairs. I've setup Rt2 as a wireless ethernet bridge using 2.4 GHz radio along with WPA2 security. Rt2 is meant to allow local ethernet devices to connect without each of them on Wifi. Rt2 Routing is set to "Router" When I mention a computer on Wifi - it is connected to Rt1 (upstairs router), when it is ethernet it is connected to Rt2 (which itself uses wifi to connect to Rt1). Rt1 has address Rt2 has address

Here's what I see with a program called mping (with gateway as and port as 5352 to try to replicate Airplay behavior):

Using 2 computers: Ethernet -> Ethernet - works great - doesn't go through Wifi, just uses local Rt2 ethernet

Wifi -> Wifi - works great - doesn't use Rt2 at all, just connects to Rt1

Ethernet -> Wifi - works great - uses ethernet on Rt2 to go through wireless ethernet bridge connection to Rt1 to then connect to second computer

Wifi -> Ethernet - blocked. I can't get this route to work at all. Been at it for a few hours.

There is only 1 subnet of I've tried in Tomato: Wireless Multicast Forwarding Efficient Multicast Forwarding igmp and proxy and udpxy - not sure whether this makes sense

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