Given a file in a Github repository such as https://github.com/user/project-name/blob/master/filename, and I wrote a shell script (or a function in a shell script) to download this file called filename (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/user/project-name/master/filename), if the file already exists in my local path, then I could just check the latest modification date of the file.

If the date is newer than the date which is already written into the file, I should just remove the old file and download it from GitHub repository directly, or else, I should do nothing.

How can I do it in shell script?


Sorry about this, but after more searches, I solved it according to https://stackoverflow.com/a/50204589/1528712

Which in my case, the solution would be:

curl -s "https://api.github.com/repos/user/project-name/commits?path=filename&page=1&per_page=1" | jq -r '.[0].commit.committer.date'

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