If I am in edit mode in a cell, JupyterLab overrides the find shortcut Ctrl + F. If I go into command mode, I can type Ctrl + F and use Chrome's find functionality.

How can I disable JupyterLab's override of the Ctrl + F shortcut while in edit mode, so that only Chrome's find is used?

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    Bump, I'm having this issue and it's super annoying.
    – Ulf Aslak
    Mar 20 '19 at 11:42

Under "Settings" > "Advanced Settings Editor", select "Keyboard Shortcuts" and in the "User Preferences" panel paste the following to disable the JupyterLab advanced document search. This will open a per-cell regex search on the first press, but a double Ctrl+F will open the browser search box as requested.

    "shortcuts": [
            "command": "documentsearch:start",
            "keys": [
                "Accel F"
            "selector": ".jp-mod-searchable",
            "disabled": true

It seems there's no way to disable the Ctrl + F behavior of JupyterLab.

Instead, if you type Ctrl + F again in the cell search mode, you can enable Chrome's search functionality.

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