According to various online sources virt-manager can do a network install using the content of a distro's iso. Basically decompressing the iso file and serve its content over http, ftp or nfs.

This fails using the CentOs 7 iso. Virt-manager was unable to detect the OS type and the installation process fails because the url doesn't contain an installation tree. (Although it is able to detect the OS and perform the installation using the very same iso as a local file.)

Unable to complete install: 'Could not find an installable distribution at ''

The location must be the root directory of an install tree.
See virt-install man page for various distro examples.'

Virt-manager's manual specifies "The URL must point to the root directory of an installation tree". I have also tried to serve just the contents of the images directory, as suggested for the regular Centos installation. This fails too.

Neither can I find online the explanation of what an installation tree precisely should contain.

The virt-manager release is 2.10. Which is the latest available.

Besides the aforementioned errors, the logs contain no indication of virt-manager hitting an unexpected error state.

Question: Is there a way to serve CentOs 7 over http so it is usable as a network install by virt-manager ?

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