I have a range based table the has months April-March on row 1, then two metrics on rows 2&3 for those months. I have created a line chart based on the whole table and it works fine. But at the moment I only have data for April and May, so I see 2 points and then the rest of the year empty. I would rather the chart only show the months that have data for them, the month will always be sequential.


You will need to use named ranges to feed the chart and use formulas for the named ranges that include only the rows/columns with data.

One range to feed the X axis/Labels, and a range for each chart series.

This is all a bit much to explain in an answer here. Books and blog posts have been written about this and it can't all be explained with a few bullet point steps, especially if we can't see your data.

Try out a few things you can find about dynamic charts using named ranges and report back if you get stuck.

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